Feature: Savva - Heros Quest

Savva - Heros Quest

Full CG Fantasy Feature

Mid-level Animator at Epics Effects, Jakarta

Feature: Pettersson & Findus 1 + 2

Pettersson & Findus 1

Live-Action Feature

Mid-level Animator at Pixomondo, Frankfurt

Feature: Monky


Live-Action Feature

Lead Animator at Chimney, Frankfurt



Since 2011 I have been working as a character animator for studios on various projects in the field of 3d-animation for advertising, product videos and feature films.

While my skills are quite interdisciplinary, for the past few years I have been focusing solely on animation in order to create more believable characters. Entertainment and truth in acting are my first priorities, while I constantly try to extend my workflow to increase my speed in order to keep quality and speed in balance. I have always felt confident in natural and detailed animation but I have also had to

develop a very fast expressive animation style over time to meet the demand for cartoony animation. The combination of my solid body mechanical skills, my sensitive eye for detail and my sense for strong expression and entertainment make me an exceptionally good fit for any production.

Besides animation, I have been working as a graphic designer and a multimedia artist in advertising for 4 years.
During this period I have gained invaluable experience, which helps me to deal with new challenges flexibly and efficiently.



Marijan Schedler

Maerzstrasse 156/42
1140 Vienna, Austria

Austria: +43 650 deIete 6363620

European Union VAT ID: ATU67819113

Chambers: Wirtschaftskammer, Fachgruppe Werbung & Marktkommunikation
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