I have been working as a Senior Animator in feature films and advertising at studios mainly based in Europe since 2010.

I have gained experience as a lead animator for feature film productions and as an animation supervisor in advertising. Here, I manage teams from 2 to 6 animators, including communication with the director and clients. My responsibilities include cartoon & realistic animation, keyframe & mocap animation, animation dailies/reviews, character development consulting, basic rigging, rig testing, test animation and team support.

Many released webisodes and shorts I animated on, have been remarkably successful on YouTube with up to 300 Mio views. I also played a major role (in terms of animation/supervision) in approving two web/TV-series pilots, which successfully went into production.

My main passion remains animating in a team of colleagues, focusing on creating the best and most engaging animation possible within the project's boundaries.



Marijan Schedler

Maerzstrasse 156/42
1140 Vienna, Austria

Austria: +43 650 deIete 6363620

European Union VAT ID: ATU67819113

Chambers: Wirtschaftskammer, Fachgruppe Werbung & Marktkommunikation
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